Making The Church Relevant Again

Making The Church Relevant Again

Pastor Shon Davis

Pastor Shon teaching on how the perception of the world towards the church has changed. In the time’s that we are living in today, People tend to lean more towards social groups and political groups rather then the church. 

It’s important that the people of faith begin to become more in touch with the world around us that are method of relating and reaching this generation becomes more relevant. We can no longer lean on preparing messages that simply sound good, but lack substance that is applicable to people’s real life and real issues. We must make the word more practable where the unchurched can receive and see how it is beneficial to their life and their struggles.

Paul said I come not to you with enticing words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit of God and his Power. The church must manifest the evidence of our words through removing selfish motives of the need to be recognized vs manifesting his presence and his power.

Remember, Jesus Is The Answer!



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