All I Have Is My Praise

When Satan Comes To Worship

All I Have Is My Praise

Pastor Shon is preaching from Job in the context of the spiritual warfare we go through even in the church or house of worship. Admitting that Satan comes to church too, simply to distract us from what God has for us. He comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. He wants to rob us of our ability to freely worship God and remain focussed on receiving the word of God. Satan cause your focus to shift on life’s trials and everything you may have gone through, going through and have lost in the fight.

Using Job as an example that after losing everything he had that was dear to his heart and his faith relationship with God. Job realized that he had his Praise! Therefore, he was able to say “The Lord Giveth and The Lord Take it Away. But Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord”.

Sometimes all we have left is our Praise.

Listen to this dynamic message and we believe by faith that you will truly be blessed.

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And Remember, “No Matter What Your Problems Are”, Jesus Is The Answer!


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