Nesha Howard

Nesha Howard

Social Media Tech

 My name is Nesha Howard. Although I was born in Minneapolis, MN, I’ve spent the majority of my life in Spokane, WA. I’m the oldest of 4 siblings, whom I love very much. I was home schooled from K-12, but had the privilege of playing volleyball and tennis for Shadle Park High School. 

    I have been in church all my life. Not only am I a part of the choir and praise team, but I’m a Sunday School teacher as well (ages 4-6). I love to sing and dance, but have been blessed by God with the ability to do whatever I put my mind to. 

    In 2013 I made a pledge to God, my family, and myself to remain pure until I’m married. During the ceremony, my dad placed a purity ring on my finger that will remain there until I receive an engagement ring from my future husband. It’s my desire to show young women that their body is sacred and they deserve to be treated like a Queen. 

    I love life and want to serve God with everything that’s in me. I want to be pleasing to him.