Faith Leaders & Police Alliance

Faith Leaders & Police Alliance

Pastor Shon Davis is the President of an Alliance of Faith Leaders that have formed a collaboration with the Chief of Police and the Spokane Police Department to assist in bridging the gap and building Trust and Legitimacy between community and police.

Seek The Peace of The City

Jeremiah-29:7 And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the Lord for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.


Across the nation there has been a series of incidents that has gone viral on social media that has caused a disconnect and cause for miss-trust with Law Enforcement. This has caused communities to feel that their is racial injustice that is at the forefront of what is driving the disregard for the life of minorities that are being shot and killed by police officers. The anger and frustration in the minority communities is caused by no accountability and consequences being issued to the officers responsible for these actions. This has caused vigilantes to feel that they need to take justice into their own hands and play judge and jury by threatening and attempting to shoot officers and take their lives. Now police officers are on edge worried at every call and every encounter of how an incident is going to turn out because of the racial tension and community and police mistrust and disconnect.

Therefore, the faith community has committed ourselves to stand in the gap to say that All Lives Matter and we stand for Peace, Equality, Righteousness and Justice for All.  We have formed ourselves to intentionally build a true transparent, along with accountability relationship with our law enforcement. That through engaging them and becoming that bridge to give them the credibility needed to restore trust within the community as well as the community beginning to extend the same respect and honor in restoring the relevance of our police officers role in our community as a Guardian vs a Warrior. Which will also require a commitment from the leadership of our city officials to address the culture issues of systemic racism that would allow more open minded Chiefs to bring about departmental change that will transcend into legitimate trust from the communities they serve.

  • This team meets once a month with the Chief and his command staff to be Pro-active so that we will not have to be Re-active waiting for a crisis to occur.

Government and The Church working together in harmony for the good of our City

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