Sunday Worship Services

Overseer, Pastor Shon L. Davis

Sr. Pastor of Jesus Is The Answer City Church

Prolific Speaker With A Shepherds Heart

Pastor Shon Davis is a prolific speaker with a true shepherds heart. He really and genuinely cares for the sheep. He leads tenderly yet stern in his convictions and beliefs. He is one that is truly called and sent by God to lead his people to the Lord. He loves the word and he loves souls. He believes that the word has the power to change, heal, deliver and save anyone from their past. Therefore, explains the passion in which he delivers and exhorts the word of God.

We welcome you to come and experience Jesus through the personality and delivery of Gods Chosen Vessel. Pastor Shon L. Davis

Speaking Schedule

  • Pastor Shon generally speaks every 1st through 3rd Sunday of the month.

  • Pastor Shon will be teaching a ministry preparation class beginning September 15th through November 24th at JITA City Church @6:30pm.

  • Pastor Shon oversees the KFCA fellowship service every 3rd Sunday evening at 6pm.

Come and be blessed by our anointed Praise & Worship team. You will be swept off your feet by our music. Come ready to be blessed by a JITA Experience


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