(PAL) Police Activities League

(PAL) Police Activities League Graduation

The Spokane Police Department and our Faith Based Community leaders joined together to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and community through the (PAL) Police Activities League program. This program was established to create an opportunity for our officers to engage our young people in a positive non threatening approach through using sports and educational activities as the basis of the contact. It is intended to change perceptions and remove the barrier of fear. To work towards establishing “Trust & Legitimacy” with police and community. 

We are now four years into the PAL program and growing every year. We have had over 300 kids enrolled in this years PAL program. 
I am sending this out to invite and informed all of our partners of the upcoming graduation celebration scheduled for this Thursday at 11:30am at Liberty Park in East Central. This celebration will be inclusive of our kids from all three parks and their families, community members, police and our city officials. If you have never attended a PAL event, this would be a great opportunity for you to come out and learn as well as witness the effects and impact this program is making upon our young people. There will also be food!
Love you all
Be blessed


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