JITA Kingdom Kids


Necie Howard, (Superintendent)

JITA Youth are excited, creative and very innovative. Our youth love the Lord and are eager to learn about God and what it means to serve him and their fellow man.

We have creative ways of teaching our youth about the bible through biblical curriculum, visual aids and arts and crafts. Our teachers are good with animated games and songs also that help our youth to memorize and retain what they are learning. We make learning about Jesus a fun environment.

Age Groups

  • Our entire children church is from age 4-12.
  • We separate them into groups by age (4-6), (7-9) (10-12).
  • Snacks are served during children church.

Our staff is well experienced and passionate about teaching children. Bring your kids once and I guarantee you. They will be bringing you next. Welcome to a JITA Experience!


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