JITA & KFCA Ministry And Leadership Training

JITA City Church & KFCA Ministries

Ministry & Leadership Training

KFCA is introducing a Kingdom concept of establishing “Chemistry Within The Ministry” of the local Church, Incorporating an Internal Culture of A Team Concept, With an External Reach 

Facilitated By; Pastor Shon Davis & Pastor Joshua Bingle

Topics that will be covered:

  • Identifying & Overcoming The Barriers
    • The Spirit of Jealousy, Envying, Strife, Offenses, Focus Adjustment
  • Healing The Minister, That The Ministry May Be Healed
    • You Can Only Take Me, Where You’ve Been
  • Kingdom Alignment – No Lane Changes
    • Knowing Your Role and How It Impacts The Whole
  • Spiritual Suicide – Is My Hinderance Self Inflicted
    • Am I Fighting Against A Vision That Is Housing My Own Destiny
  • Does The Call Match The Office
    • Identifying Your Calling and Its Place of Operation
  • Serving Your Leader, “Heart & Soul”
    • Alignment First, Understanding Second. Faithful Followers, Loyal Leaders
  • The Team Church Concept, “The Vision of We vs Me”
    • Am I A Renter or an Owner of The Vision

There is no fee for the training. However there will be a freewill donation accepted to cover the cost of material.

To Register Email Gaye Hallman At; Gaye@jitacitychurch.com


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