Every Start Has An Ending, But You Cannot End, If You Don’t Begin


“Every Start Has An Ending 

But You Cannot End, If You Don’t First Begin”


Declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done,

saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose

A runner’s success is generally determined by how many races you have finished and not in how many you have begun. Our emotional highs and lows our deeply expressed on the basis of the outcome. While the efforts and courage it took for you to overcome your fears of beginning, are generally overlooked.

Though motivation is mental, the act is driven by emotions. An inspirational speech is intentional in its purpose to inspire or motivate one to act. The speech is registering through the mind that sends a signal of emotions through the body, that then causes a feeling of strength and ability to rise, and begin to act upon the mission declared.

If the words of motivation remains in the mind. It becomes a thought of what could have been vs a belief of what can be. Many dreams and visions have died in the mind, before even given the chance to be birth into a world of possibility. Thoughts of the mind are visions of small destinies that leads to a fulfilled purpose. They are seeds that are sown within a trusted capacity that has the ability to plant it in a field of emotions, that triggers a response, an act that causes those things that are not, to become what and who they are destined to be.

(Romans-4:17 even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were)

The bible say’s “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”, (Romans-10:17) and being that Faith is more about an Act, rather then a Belief. We must see Gods word as the seed that motivates through a glimpse of destiny and purpose. But my Act is Faith in Action that moves me to “Begin In Order To End”.


God used his spoken word to motivate and inspire faith within Joshua in order to cause a shifting in his emotions, that would lead him into an act of fulfilled purpose and prosperity. He was commanded to “Be strong and of a good courage”. Which was intended to address the emotional state of the people that began to rest upon feelings of hopelessness, depression and depleted strength that paralyzed them from even wanting to continue pursuing a promised outcome.

The end of a thing is crucial and finishing what we have begun is monumental “But if there is no Beginning, there can be no fulfilled Ending”

Only in a Divine God can there be an accurate determined Ending before there is a Beginning (Isaiah-46:10)

Simply because he is God! He is Omniscient in having all knowledge of things not yet done, knowing when they will be done, as well as the outcome of that which was done will cause. He knows every thought of man before he even thinks it and every act before it is committed. He knows every decision or choice we will make before it is made and the course or path of life those decisions will construct as roads that now guide us into a determined end. (Psalms-139:1-6)

Thereby; “Declaring The Ending From The Beginning”

However, my motivation to you today is not to allow the fear of failure and the fear of becoming, rob you from even beginning the journey to see what could be.

“You are what your thoughts say you are”, But the world will never know you because your fulfillment of purpose at the End, will never happen, 

Because You Never Began!

“Every Start Has An Ending 

But You Cannot End, If You Don’t First Begin”

So Why Not Start Today

Bishop Shon Davis