When The Spoken Word, Becomes A Timely Word



Thursday 10/13/2016

There’s Nothing Like A Timely Word. A Word Spoken At A Time That You Desperately Needed It. It Becomes A Word That Fits What You Are Going Through At The Time. It Is As Apples Of Gold, Because The Apples Are Symbolic To Prosperity. Gold Is The Substance Of Endurance. The Word Speaks To Your Prosperity And Growth As Well As To Your Strength And Stability To Maintain That Level Of Growth.

It Is In Pictures Of Silver, Because The Word Spoken Is Framed By Gods Faithfulness. A Picture Gives Us A View Of Completion, A View Of Perfection, A Vision Of What And Where He Is Taking You To. The Silver Is The Silver Lining That Frames Or Outlines The Picture. It Is God Choosing To Seal Our Faith In His Word, That He Is Faithful Who Promised And That He Will Perform That Which He Have Spoken.

Remember, The Words That Come Out Of His Mouth, Will Not Return Unto Him Void. It Will Accomplish What It Was Sent Out To Do.


No Matter What Your Problems Are;

Jesus Is The Answer!