Knowing Your Role & How It Impacts The Whole

Pastor Shon L. Davis

Pastor Davis Is Teaching On The Importance Of Knowing Your Role In The Ministry. While Being Aware Of How What You Do Impacts The Rest Of The Team.

His Slogan Is That,

“We Are All Pieces Of A Puzzle. However, Not Every Piece Fits With Every Piece In The Puzzle. But Every Piece Has A Place In The Puzzle”

Every Team Player Must Be Secure Within Themselves That They Are A Important Piece To The Ministry And That It Is Not Complete Without Them. Though You May Not Always Fit Within Every Circle And Groups Within The Church. That Does Not Disqualify Your Place On The Team.

Every Leader Must Know Their Place, Their Assignment And Understand The importance Of Staying In Your Lane. When You Try To Be Something That You Are Not, You Effect The Rest Of The Team From Being Who They Are.

Enjoy This Video As It Will Truly Bless You And Inspire You To Stay True To Your Role. Because You Will Help The Ministry As A Whole!


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