It Had To Happen

Pastor Shon Davis “It Had To Happen”

Some times we don’t realize nor understand the reason behind what is happening in our life and how it is playing a role in preparing us for our moment. If Gods word is true that “All things are working together for our good” (Romans-8:28) Then it is clear that everything that has and is to occur, “Had To Happen”. If God is more concerned with “How We End Up”, vs “How We Got There”, then he is more at peace then we are in all of the trials and turbulence that we find ourselves in.

Esther found herself lost and confused as a child. She became an orphan at a very young age. Lost her mother and father and was fortunate to land in the stable care of her uncle. However, her environmental conditions are not helping to sooth her pain as she realizes that we are being controlled and confined by another nation, Persia. In all that she is experiencing at this stage of her life, she could have easily lost any since of value, self worth and purpose of living, let alone any hope for change. When a person has experienced what is perceived to be abandonment and rejection. Feeling not wanted and excluded. You begin to see yourself through the lenses of a false perception and emotional insecurity. Simply because we are human and we are generally lead and guided by our emotions. It becomes hard to have hope or faith to believe as well as accept that where you are in your journey is part of Gods plan to shape you, mold you and bring you into your place of purpose and destiny. 

Esther was encouraged by her uncle to consider being a candidate for becoming the next queen of Persia. She could have easily counted herself out based on her past failures or set backs and closed opportunities. Speaking defeat in that, “It could never happen for me”, “I am not even worthy of such a position as queen”, “I am a orphan, A Israelite, I come from a people of oppression and slavery”, “Nothing good as this ever happens to my people”. We all find ourselves speaking from our emotions and current situations, rather then from an understanding that the one who made you and purposed your life uses processes, in order to produce the best outcome.

Remember he intentionally lead Israel into a path called the wilderness in order to allow those struggles, ups and downs and circular turns in their life to make them appreciative for when he brings them into their promise land.

Esther was more qualified then she had considered herself to be. Simply because God was her qualifier. He had chosen her for such a time as this, her Moment. What she thought she could not be or never become was being made and prepared through what she was going through. Her queenship did not begin when she was chosen by the King. Her queenship began when she was Chosen by The KING, “Jesus, Yahweh, Jehovah.

Thats why “It Had To Happen”. Everything that she would not have willingly chosen to go through and accept as a path to prepare her for her moment. She would have aborted her own destiny if she staid focused on her past and personal issues. Not understanding that her past and life’s experiences is what God was using to make her what he chose for her to be, Queen!

So it is with us today. We must go through what we must go through accepting that God said “He knows the plans that he has for us, plans of peace and not of evil, to give us an expected ending” (Jeremiah-29:11)

Remember, what the enemy meant for evil, God meant it unto good! “It Had To Happen”.

Be blessed my friend.

Bishop Shon Davis 

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