Police & Community Forum Worship-Video

Spokane Faith Leaders & Police Alliance

The Faith Alliance Team has Joined forces with the Spokane Police Department to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement. To assist in bringing healing and establishing trust and legitimacy back into the community through cultural change within the police department. As faith leaders we are committed to becoming the change we want to see in our city.

“If you want Peace, you must become Agents of Peace”


  1. This forum has received tremendous positive feedback and has prompted the need to continue the dialogue. Therefore, more forums are being scheduled for the community to be able to come together with law enforcement and address this issue in how to bridge the gap, establish trust and legitimacy and change the culture of policing from a Warrior Approach to a Guardian’s presence.
    Stay tuned as dates will be posted!

  2. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who worked to put this together and the community members who have a heart fur healing our community and took the time to attend and participate in this forum. All of our Pastors truly reflect the love of Jesus and are a true inspiration for me.

  3. And a special thank you to Pastor Shon who has worked for years and years to get us to where we are now. The music, the singers, the panel members and community members made this a very special night. God bless!


  4. Jennette Perkins

    I truly enjoyed the forum. It felt good to see the police department and people of the faith community coming together for a common cause. Together we stand, divided we fall.

  5. It was a joy to come together with Word of Faith church in worship. Being a physical representation of the unity we strive for. Breaking chains, repairing breaches, walking in love!

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