Why Being Part of a Small Group is Good


JITA Teen & Young Adult


Its good for young people to have a group that they can relate with and feel that they can be transparent with. Trust gained through confidentiality is very important among youth today and it runs deep within their emotions.

Our youth and young adults value their social circles very high. This is why acceptance is so meaningful to them and rejection is so painful to them. The rate of suicide has sky rocketed because among our youth because of being socially rejected, bullied and broken confidentiality.

The church must become the repairers of the breach and restore value and self worth within the lives of our youth. We must give them a platform to express themselves, their emotions, their thoughts, their views on life, peer pressure and societal issues. We must let them move into the “Now”, instead of putting them on hold for a “Tomorrow” does not seem to ever arrive. They feel that they are simply silenced until so called grown folks feel their voice are even worth giving a ear to.

Sometimes, by then it can be to late. The rejection could have set in and depression could have taken root and driven them to a place of isolation and thoughts of hurting others as well as themselves. Thereby, in most cases the outcome becomes suicide.

The effectiveness of these small groups gives these youth the opportunity to be transparent and express things that they would not feel comfortable sharing in larger groups. Thereby dealing with some inward hurts and pains that would normally be suppressed in a pool of emotions.

JITA Teen & Young Adults have committed themselves to be accountable to God and to one another through having a small group round table meetings for their peers only. To talk about the issues of their generation and what they must do to overcome them and maintain a Godly lifestyle.

So stay connected with JITA Young Teen & Adults and Meet Us At The Round Table, At Round Table Pizza 9/25 at 6:00pm (1908 w. Francis ave)




  1. pastorshon@jitacitychurch.com (Author)

    Hello JITA Teen & Young Adults. This is your Pastor simply hear to say that I am excited about your desire to have your own small group gathering to fellowship with one another and to pour into one another. Its important to have peers that understand you and can relate with what your going through. So I want you to know My wife and I and the senior staff of JITA give you our total commitment to support you and your efforts to grow together in your spiritual development and relationship with God, with your peers and with your life’s journey.
    Remember, Jesus Is The Answer!

  2. I am always excited for the youth. They keep JITA vibrant and full of energy. I am looking forward to great things with JITA NOW!

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